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Inclusion 360° was developed out of frustration. As the creators of Women Evolution®, we witnessed first-hand how incredibly difficult it is to experience long term sustainable results with diversity efforts. At our current pace, it will take over 200 years before women will reach parity with men in the workplace. It is even longer for any other facet of diversity. This is not good enough.

What we discovered was that until there is a workplace culture that recognizes, values, and leverages authentic leadership – these initiatives will never make a true long-term impact.
People need to be valued for their uniqueness and feel like they belong before we can ever see results – this is the definition of inclusion.

An inclusive culture is the critical first step required before we can achieve diversity in gender, race, ethnicity, culture, LGBTQIA+, and more within senior leadership positions.

Our desperate search for a scalable and sustainable solution to creating inclusive workplace cultures led us to realizing that one did not exist, and it was going to be up to us to create one.

Thank you for finding us and we look forward to having an exploratory conversation with you to see your goals for diversity and inclusion this year and how we may be able to get you there faster.

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