ion Learning Platform

How and Why ion Learning™ Works

We create scalable and cross-functional diverse mentoring group experiences within your company. In between each online module, the mentoring groups meet virtually or in-person to discuss how the module impacts them by using guided mentoring session questions. Together, these groups mentor one another to over time build trust and psychological safety so that deep culture change begins to form.

These safe, confidential environments provide the support structure needed to transform online learning into real-life change.

What is Different About ion Learning™?

  • Our proprietary mentor matching algorithm matches participants based on how unalike they are since we fundamentally believe in the power of diverse thinking to drive innovation. Traditionally, mentor matches are made based on how alike people. We already experience enough similarity bias in the workplace and we don’t want our mentoring programs to encourage that behavior.
  • Although our programs can match 1:1, we suggest small mentoring groups instead, as it is in these small and intimate environments that psychological safety and trust can develop and that is the catalyst for inclusion to begin.
  • Our proprietary technology has built-in accountability features so participants can see easily where their -group members are within the curriculum. Leveraging the phycological behavior of not wanting to leave a team member behind we achieve 95% completion rates.
  • Our platform has advanced levels of security for greater protection

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